Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Episode 155 w/Dime Novel Devils

05/22/2017. The "Asteroid Field Navigation" Show
Musical guest: Dime Novel Devils

The show returns to Grove Haus for the long awaited return of musical guest Dime Novel Devils, who in addition to their thunderous performance also opened this week's podcast with a stirring tribute to the recently departed Chris Cornell. The discussion turns to home science experiments and how the new future of music is technique over technology. Plus, Mr. Waffles finds a way to sneak the old theme song back into the show. It's a Double Dip Road Trip on this week's Radio Hour.   


Autumn Androids, "Morgan County Misery" / Shadeland, "Away In The River"
Cole Woodruff, "Sister" / The Yavin 4, "3720 to 1" / The Haven Curse, "The Addict" 
Crystal Lady, "Run"/ The War on Peace, "Bring It On Down"
Brother O'Brother, "16 Flowers"


We first met DND as a duo back in 2014. These days they are a powerhouse 5-piece including electrified fiddle and monsoons of guitar. Weaving odd tales of monsters, witches, and bastards - Dime Novel Devils have spent over two years readying their assault on the ears and souls of the local music scene. But are we ready for them? Keep your eyes peeled for one of their face-melting performances. In the meantime, give their Facebook page a like.    

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Episode 154 w/summerbruise

05/15/2017. The "These Mics Will Never Work (In This Town Again)" Show
Musical guest: summerbruise

Fountain Square Brewing Company once again reluctantly "welcomes" the podcast to its comfy couches and comically oversized tables. On this week's "episode" (we're using air quotes by the way), local bon vivant-raconteur-man-about-town-multi-hyphenate Patrick Collins (Dell Zell/Minute Details) joins us for a freakishly long opening segment, the deliciously saucy 'summerbruise' pours sweet lava on your face with a volcano of a set, and Tolin and MP continue to tweak a format that was actually fine to begin with. It's time to fix what isn't broke on The Radio Hour. And stay tuned at the end for some bonus stage banter from our musical guest. 


Minute Details, "Stuffed Briefcase" / Young Kingdom, "Take You Alive"
Gypsy Moonshine, "Paper Doll" / Wilson's Reservoir, "Necessary"
Von Strantz, "Birdcage" / Brave Weather, "Maker"


Mike from summerbruise introduced himself to us by saying "we're loud as fuck". This amazing guitar and drums duo blends melodic and explosive pop-punk with a smirk of emo, and are indeed, volume-enriched.....as fuck. Give their EP, "Bummer Vacation" a tumble by clicking on the image. And make sure you see them live - they start their first tour May 19. Give them a like on Facebook. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Episode 153 w/Tommy

05/08/2017. The "Bowling For Groot" Show
Musical guest: Tommy

More new music and a stellar performance from Tommy, plus MP and Tolin reveal the new theme song, "thank" the Don't Panic Podcast for the warm welcome, and welcome Craig Helmrich (Its Just Craig) to the big pizza for a chat. I am Groot on the Radio Hour.


Eliot Bigger, "Murals" / Wife Patrol, "I'm In A Race" / Zorba Rose, "Train Train"
Cassidy Chamberlin, "Too" / The Dick Cheney That Ate Cheboygan, "Send Me Alone"
Jonny P, "Stand By" / summerbruise, "well at least I'm not vaping"


TOMMY is the name he goes by and one name is all this dapper gent needs. When your songs are as sophisticated and lush and deep as Tommy's, you don't have time for two names. Give a listen to those thick harmonies and the sweet sophistication of the lyrics, surrounded by some of the most subtle arrangements you've ever heard - and you'll understand why everybody in town is talking Tommy. His brand new full length "We Are Safe" is available wherever Tommy plays live, and will be available digitally soon. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Episode 152 w/Brother O'Brother

05/01/2017. The "Seven Folds to Oblivion" Show
Musical guest: Brother O'Brother

After 8 delightful weeks of radio silent bliss, the Indianapolis music scene reluctantly tolerates the return of MP and Tolin. Like trying to drop a not so subtle hint to those distant cousins from the side of the family nobody talks about, it's "WHOA....! Is THAT the time?" on the Radio Hour.


Bigfoot Yancey, "Brown County" / It's Just Craig, "Go" / Ryan M. Brewer, "In The Weeds" Shadeland, "Away in the River" / Eleven Endings, "Chapter Four - Gemini"
Dirt Poor Robins, "Jim Jones" / Monofiction, "Star of the War"
Mint the Band, "blessed by lead"


Brother O'Brother performs for the fifth time on this week's podcast. With a new album "NEON NATIVE" set to be unleashed, "BOB" is poised for another hot and stanky summer. Make sure you check out one of their live shows, you'll be blown away by their manic energy and meaty riffs, and you might get to see their alter egos Golden Eagle and Tapeworm wrestle to the near-death. You can get all you'll ever need at their website by clicking on their funky photo. 

Monday, April 24, 2017


New Local Releases for April 2017


1. Hero Jr., "Jump Ship"
2. The Dennis System, "I Want To"
3. Skarecrow Jesus, "Two Wolves"
4. Autumn Androids, "Alie-Yums"
5. Atomic Thrillride, "Rocket To Hell"
6. Fontaine, "Particular Spectacular"
7. Brittny Kasprzyk, "Walk Away"
8. Gypsy Moonshine, "Paper Doll"
9. Minute Details, "Stuffed Briefcase"
10. Veseria, "Time To Kill"

Each of these artists has new music releasing or released in April and have graciously allowed us to bring it to you. Check out their social media and go see them live. Please support local music everywhere. 

Monday, April 10, 2017


Those Dirty Horse / Pistolero / KIDS

You know how we love the rock and roll at the Radio Hour? We like it dirty and we like it skanky. We like it when the rock and roll doesn't shower for a few days and then does yard work on a really humid day. We like it when the rock and roll turns to look at us and coyly and wipes the sweat off its brow...as if we didn't know what THAT meant. So here are three sets of solid, sweaty, stanky RAWK, from Those Dirty Horse, Pistolero, and KIDS. 

*Live music is a great way to discover new bands, so if you like what you hear, let these artists hear you. Check out their social media and get out and see them.*

Those Dirty Horse: Recorded July 18, 2016
Pistolero: Recorded August 1, 2016
KIDS: Recorded November 7, 2016

Monday, March 27, 2017


New Local Releases for March 2017


1. New Pale Swimmers (Ft. Wayne), "I am the Death of Music, Jeff"
2. A.J. Sandlin, "Make My Heart Go"
3. Matt Record (Bloomington), "Black Swan"
4. For The Fire, "If I Had The Chance (To Burn You)"
5. Jay Elliot, "With The Lord In Her Heart"
6. Pillars, "The Great Divide"
7. Jason Andrew Brown, "Stranger"
8. Red Remains, "Hamilton"
9. Shifty Digits, "Doughboy"
10. Kids, "I'm A Bird"
11. Danni Al Mar, "Strings Attached"

Each of these artists has new music releasing or released in March and have graciously allowed us to bring it to you. Check out their social media and go see them live. Please support local music everywhere. 

Monday, March 20, 2017


Good Form Jack / No Coast / Lovely Houses

Edition 005 of the Grove Haus Sessions is all about bands we miss. They either broke up, took the dreaded "extended hiatus" or are ensconced in other projects - these are artists we somehow managed to harmonically converge with and capture a moment that may not happen again. Good Form Jack played a few gigs and made such an impression on the bands they were billed with that those bands told us "you gotta book these guys". They were one of the handful of bands we ever booked without really hearing them first. They didn't disappoint. A mix of the raw Lou Reed-Stooges-New York Dolls pre-punk sound with a Pink Floyd twist, Good Form Jack played one of our favorite sets from season 2. We still keep a light on for them in case Good Form re-forms. Kokomo's No Coast was one of the first bands to come across the DoitIndy music transom. MP interviewed them before the Radio Hour was a glint in Tolin's eye. They were a "bucket list" band for us and we caught them during their four-piece aggregation. It's a great speed-rock set from No Coast. Dave Campbell and MP played a few gigs together a million years ago and stayed in touch. When Dave, aka Lovely Houses, was preparing his one-man masterpiece "The Darkest Hue Is Blue...." he was kind enough to perform a pre-release set on the show. 

We hope to see and hear these artists again soon. 

*Live music is a great way to discover new bands, so if you like what you hear, let these artists hear you. Check out their social media and get out and see them.*

Good Form Jack: Recorded September 28, 2015
No Coast: Recorded February 16, 2015
Lovely Houses: Recorded August 14, 2014

Monday, March 13, 2017


Von Strantz / Gypsy Moonshine / Among The Compromised / Katie Pederson

This edition of the Grove Haus Sessions celebrates some of the righteous and kick-ass women of Indianapolis music. Jess Von Strantz, Kelsey Von Strantz, Katie Josway, Eleadah Kemp, and Katie Pederson represent a diverse cross section of rock, folk, and singer-songwriter music, and are generally considered to be at the upper echelon of the music scene as solo artists or with their respective bands. Von Strantz, Gypsy Moonshine, and Among The Compromised have appeared on the Radio Hour several times in multiple incarnations. Von Strantz's segment is actually cobbled together from two separate appearances 18 months apart. Gypsy Moonshine was one of the first bands to appear on the show and have been back several times, and this performance was recorded just as a confident Katie Josway and Co. released a breakthrough EP.  ATC's first appearance on the show was also their first ever acoustic set, with a very nervous Eleadah Kemp practically counting the moments until it was over. Katie Pederson writes songs like great chefs cook - her understanding of the chemistry between harmony and melody, major and minor, music and lyrics is masterful. We have only had the honor of hosting her once and it is one of our most cherished recordings. 

The Radio Hour supports our friends WOIA (Women of Indianapolis Arts) and asks you to please patronize their events and artists.

*Live music is a great way to discover new bands, so if you like what you hear, let these artists hear you. Check out their social media and get out and see them.*

Von Strantz: Recorded November 17, 2014 and April 25, 2016
Gypsy Moonshine: Recorded November 23, 2015
Among The Compromised: Recorded October 5, 2015
Katie Pederson: Recorded May 2, 2016

Monday, March 6, 2017


Bigfoot Yancey / Shifty Digits / Steve Fulton

We are always honored and humbled when we get the chance to give a new band a performance spot on the Radio Hour, just as they are ready to start playing regular gigs and are primed and ready for bigger things. We were very lucky to have Bigfoot Yancey perform on the Grove Haus stage on November of 2014 after only playing together for six weeks. We had a big crowd that night and they brought the house down. Almost exactly a year later, our good friend Nate Deckard brought his new band Shifty Digits to the stage for a very "horny" set (as you read this they have just released their debut album). Steve Fulton is a veteran of the scene and has appeared on the Radio Hour three times. He's become one of our favorite guests both for his music and his hilarious interviews. Please enjoy these live performances from three of Indy's most beloved artists. 

*Live music is a great way to discover new bands, so if you like what you hear, let these artists hear you. Check out their social media and get out and see them.*

Bigfoot Yancey: Recorded November 10, 2014
Shifty Digits: Recorded November 30, 2015
Steve Fulton: Recorded November 16, 2015

Monday, February 27, 2017

Episode 151 w/COASTL

02/27/2017. The "Carnival Titanic" Show
Musical guest: COASTL

It's the last stop on the "Lost In Indy" tour as MP and Tolin check in to Sam Ash Music in Castleton. We had a nice chat with our new pals Tony and the other Tony from Failed Horror Show 4D, and were greatly entertained by musical guest COASTL. Will we or won't we? It's the question nobody wants the answer to on the Radio Hour. 

  • Rooms, "Awareness Prevention"
  • Veseria, "And Also"
  • Flying Underground, "Death of Stars"
  • Danni Al Mar, "E. Washington"
  • Tracksuit Lyfestile, "Golden King"
  • Molly Bancroft, "Don't Be Afraid"


COASTL doesn't play out nearly enough. The music is an infectious blend of first wave dance music and modern rave made by the daftest punks in town. It's the lcd soundtrack for the glow stick revolution and you should be a part of it. Buff, Chuck, and Breck are your tour guides through the corridors of modern synth-funk. Check them out on Spotify and watch their social media for forthcoming videos.