Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Episode 152 w/Brother O'Brother

05/01/2017. The "Seven Folds to Oblivion" Show
Musical guest: Brother O'Brother

After 8 delightful weeks of radio silent bliss, the Indianapolis music scene reluctantly tolerates the return of MP and Tolin. Like trying to drop a not so subtle hint to those distant cousins from the side of the family nobody talks about, it's "WHOA....! Is THAT the time?" on the Radio Hour.


Bigfoot Yancey, "Brown County" / It's Just Craig, "Go" / Ryan M. Brewer, "In The Weeds" Shadeland, "Away in the River" / Eleven Endings, "Chapter Four - Gemini"
Dirt Poor Robins, "Jim Jones" / Monofiction, "Star of the War"
Mint the Band, "blessed by lead"


Brother O'Brother performs for the fifth time on this week's podcast. With a new album "NEON NATIVE" set to be unleashed, "BOB" is poised for another hot and stanky summer. Make sure you check out one of their live shows, you'll be blown away by their manic energy and meaty riffs, and you might get to see their alter egos Golden Eagle and Tapeworm wrestle to the near-death. You can get all you'll ever need at their website by clicking on their funky photo. 

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  1. i really love following your blog. it keeps me updated with all the happenings related to music and also helps me keep my playlist updated with so many new artists