Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Episode 155 w/Dime Novel Devils

05/22/2017. The "Asteroid Field Navigation" Show
Musical guest: Dime Novel Devils

The show returns to Grove Haus for the long awaited return of musical guest Dime Novel Devils, who in addition to their thunderous performance also opened this week's podcast with a stirring tribute to the recently departed Chris Cornell. The discussion turns to home science experiments and how the new future of music is technique over technology. Plus, Mr. Waffles finds a way to sneak the old theme song back into the show. It's a Double Dip Road Trip on this week's Radio Hour.   


Autumn Androids, "Morgan County Misery" / Shadeland, "Away In The River"
Cole Woodruff, "Sister" / The Yavin 4, "3720 to 1" / The Haven Curse, "The Addict" 
Crystal Lady, "Run"/ The War on Peace, "Bring It On Down"
Brother O'Brother, "16 Flowers"


We first met DND as a duo back in 2014. These days they are a powerhouse 5-piece including electrified fiddle and monsoons of guitar. Weaving odd tales of monsters, witches, and bastards - Dime Novel Devils have spent over two years readying their assault on the ears and souls of the local music scene. But are we ready for them? Keep your eyes peeled for one of their face-melting performances. In the meantime, give their Facebook page a like.    

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