Monday, April 10, 2017


Those Dirty Horse / Pistolero / KIDS

You know how we love the rock and roll at the Radio Hour? We like it dirty and we like it skanky. We like it when the rock and roll doesn't shower for a few days and then does yard work on a really humid day. We like it when the rock and roll turns to look at us and coyly and wipes the sweat off its if we didn't know what THAT meant. So here are three sets of solid, sweaty, stanky RAWK, from Those Dirty Horse, Pistolero, and KIDS. 

*Live music is a great way to discover new bands, so if you like what you hear, let these artists hear you. Check out their social media and get out and see them.*

Those Dirty Horse: Recorded July 18, 2016
Pistolero: Recorded August 1, 2016
KIDS: Recorded November 7, 2016


  1. Rock And Roll is my fovourite as well. I really like the description you gave and surely rock and roll is such music which can make everyone crazy.!!

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