Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Episode 153 w/Tommy

05/08/2017. The "Bowling For Groot" Show
Musical guest: Tommy

More new music and a stellar performance from Tommy, plus MP and Tolin reveal the new theme song, "thank" the Don't Panic Podcast for the warm welcome, and welcome Craig Helmrich (Its Just Craig) to the big pizza for a chat. I am Groot on the Radio Hour.


Eliot Bigger, "Murals" / Wife Patrol, "I'm In A Race" / Zorba Rose, "Train Train"
Cassidy Chamberlin, "Too" / The Dick Cheney That Ate Cheboygan, "Send Me Alone"
Jonny P, "Stand By" / summerbruise, "well at least I'm not vaping"


TOMMY is the name he goes by and one name is all this dapper gent needs. When your songs are as sophisticated and lush and deep as Tommy's, you don't have time for two names. Give a listen to those thick harmonies and the sweet sophistication of the lyrics, surrounded by some of the most subtle arrangements you've ever heard - and you'll understand why everybody in town is talking Tommy. His brand new full length "We Are Safe" is available wherever Tommy plays live, and will be available digitally soon. 


  1. Cant wait for it to be available. But even this content was very soothing to the excitement we have had for past few days since the official release

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