Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Episode 154 w/summerbruise

05/15/2017. The "These Mics Will Never Work (In This Town Again)" Show
Musical guest: summerbruise

Fountain Square Brewing Company once again reluctantly "welcomes" the podcast to its comfy couches and comically oversized tables. On this week's "episode" (we're using air quotes by the way), local bon vivant-raconteur-man-about-town-multi-hyphenate Patrick Collins (Dell Zell/Minute Details) joins us for a freakishly long opening segment, the deliciously saucy 'summerbruise' pours sweet lava on your face with a volcano of a set, and Tolin and MP continue to tweak a format that was actually fine to begin with. It's time to fix what isn't broke on The Radio Hour. And stay tuned at the end for some bonus stage banter from our musical guest. 


Minute Details, "Stuffed Briefcase" / Young Kingdom, "Take You Alive"
Gypsy Moonshine, "Paper Doll" / Wilson's Reservoir, "Necessary"
Von Strantz, "Birdcage" / Brave Weather, "Maker"


Mike from summerbruise introduced himself to us by saying "we're loud as fuck". This amazing guitar and drums duo blends melodic and explosive pop-punk with a smirk of emo, and are indeed, volume-enriched.....as fuck. Give their EP, "Bummer Vacation" a tumble by clicking on the image. And make sure you see them live - they start their first tour May 19. Give them a like on Facebook. 


  1. We all should explore new talents. They are fantastic. They have a great voice. In few years they would me one of the best musician.

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