Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Episode 156 w/Eliot Bigger

06/05/2017. The "Twitterbation" Show
Musical guest: Eliot Bigger

MP and Tolin match wits with Spark Joy's Ben Cannon and his platonic man-hunk Chad Lehr - but don't fret because the show is rescued by a super-heated performance from musical guest Eliot Bigger. Ben reveals the details of this summer's Discovery festivals, Tolin leaves his van door open, and MP unwittingly accuses the musical guest of sleeping around. It's time to wind up on that "f" on the Radio Hour.   


Hero Jr., "Jump Ship" / Fame and Fiction, "Liar" / Jo Trumble, "Hindrance"
Bomb Cats, "Take It All" / Gypsy Moonshine, "Paper Doll"
Tigernite, "Sunnies" / Michael Buratto, "Tecumseh"


Eliot Bigger has created a whole new type of fusion, mixing parts prog, jazz, and punk. Dissonant arpeggios interlock and bounce off each other inside of off-kilter time signatures driven by some of the most intricate rhythms you've ever heard. The music is equal parts complex technical prowess and raucous power and volume. They have just released their debut album, "Murals" and you should get it. Clicking on the image will get you where you need to be.

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  1. Eliot Bigger is ny favourite jazz singer. I am happy to have him on todays episode of The Doitindy Radio hour.His debut album Mural broke all the previous records of music industries.