Season 2

The second year was when we hit our stride. We found a cadence that suited the live format, which gave us a little room to breath during the broadcast and better served the bands that were suddenly lined up to perform on the show. We were starting to make a little more noise on the street, too. We were meeting a lot of the musicians whose music we had been playing on the show, and they were telling us they appreciated what we were doing. Before season two, we threw ourselves a little 1st birthday celebration at Grove Haus and that was kind of our debutante ball. Some of our favorite bands performed, and near the end of the evening Jess Strantz and Jen Roberts presented us with an authentic 1940's desktop radio that all of the bands signed with congratulatory messages. It was a very emotional moment and for the first time we felt like the scene was embracing us as part of their community. Our inner circle of local musicians, artists, and supporters was starting to take shape. 

We were accomplishing our mission. Musicians were asking us "what was that song you guys played last night at 830? We wanna do a gig with that band!". More importantly, bands were contacting us about performing on the show faster than we could book them. And by the middle of the season, we were booked three months in advance. People were coming to Grove Haus on Monday nights to see the live bands play. Suddenly we had an audience. Not bad for an internet radio show. We got more involved in the scene, sponsoring a few shows and doing remote broadcasts for Radio Free Indy. When it was all over and we sat down to work on the second annual compilation, we discovered we had enough good material for a double length album. We saw that as a sign that the scene was becoming more prolific and that we were in the right place with it.

It may have been our strongest season. 

Click on an episode to stream automatically. To download, click the link and a new window will open, use the "save page as" function of your browser. Each show runs two hours and each MP3 file is approx. 140MB. 

E047 - 09/29/2014. The "Bawls Deep" Show
Musical guest: MODOC, Pinky and the Basterds

E048 - 10/06/2015. The "Fried Chicken Choke" Show
Musical guest: Mina and the Wondrous Flying Machine

E049 - 10/20/2104. The "Officer Melvin Betchik" Show
Musical guest: John Strahl Band

E050 - 10/27/2014. The "Michael and Neil" Show
Musical guest: Dime Novel Devils

E051 - 11/03/2014. The "Coty Leffingwell" Show
Musical guest: Bleeding Keys

E052 - 11/10/2014. The "Natalie's Broken Bolt" Show
Musical guest: Bigfoot Yancey

E053 - 11/17/2014. The "We Never Posted To Facebook About This Show" Show
Musical guest: Von Strantz, Grant McClintock, Tied To Tigers

E054 - 11/24/2014. The "Flying Turkey Trot" Show
Musical guest: Ryan M. Brewer & The Rhetorical Questions

E055 - 12/01/2014. The "Name Deleted" Show

Musical guest: The Rhaspers

E056 - 12/08/2014. The "Title Depletion" Show
Musical guest: Eric Pedigo, Steve Boller

E057 - 12/15/2014. The "Blank" Show
Musical guest: Janet Duke and the Seven Deadly

E058 - 12/22/2014. The "Christmas on Monkey Mountain" Show
Musical guest: Jen and Patrick Roberts, Megan Hopkins, Prowlers and the Prey

E059 - 01/12/2015. The "Cornholio After Dark" Show

Musical guest: iamlion, Brother O'Brother

E060 - 01/19/2015. The "Deflated Balls" Show
Musical guest: Achilles Tenderloin

E061 - 01/26/2015. The "Long Duc Dong" Show

Musical guest: The Trip

E062 - 02/01/2015. The "Foppish German Accent" Show

Musical guest: Indien

E063 - 02/09/2015. The "John Paul George and Shingles" Show

Musical guest: Nick Harless Band

E064 - 02/16/2015. The "Gary Owens For President" Show

Musical guest: No Coast

E065 - 02/23/2015. The "John Blutarsky Look-a-Like Contest" Show
Musical guest: Carey Goodspeed, Patrick Collins
Guest: Shine INDY

E066 - 03/02/2015. The "Title Missing" Show
Musical guest: Don Elbreg, Philip Sloan

E067 - 03/09/2015. The "Party Time on Neptune" Show
Musical guest: Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers
Guest: Indy In-Tune

E068 - 03/16/2015. The "Local Love" Show

Musical guest: Rachel Mare Jones, The Rhaspers

E069 - 03/23/2015. The "Punk Rock Night at the Mos Eisley Cantina" Show
Musical guest: Yavin 4

E070 - 04/06/2015. The "Everett Dirkson Love You Baby"

Musical guest: The Breakes

E071 - 04/13/2015. The "Six Degrees of Jim Lovell" Show

Musical guest: Stampede String Band, Circle City Deacons

E072 - 04/20/2015. The "Bong" Show
Musical guest: Ryan M. Brewer

E073 - 04/27/2015. The "Moron Number One" Show
Musical guest: First Names

E074 - 05/04/2015. The "That's Not My Input" Show
Musical guest: Jethro Easyfields

E075 - 05/11/2015. The "American Ninja Idol" Show
Musical guest: Chris Probasco, Matthew Corken

E076 - 05/18/2015. The "Of Lice and Men" Show
Musical guest: Saint Aubin

E077 - 06/01/2015. The "No Name" Show

Musical guest: Jeremiah Cosner

E078 - 06/08/2015. The "Godzilla is a Big Fat Sweaty Guy" Show
Musical guest: Shadeland

E079 - 06/15/2015. The "What Are They Doing Here" Show

Musical guest: Veseria

E080 - 06/22/2015. The "Ten Pounds Of Potatoes" Show

Musical guest: Dear Lincoln

E081 - 06/29/2015. The "City On The Edge Of Fountain Square" Show
Musical guest: 5 Year Mission, Bearbones

E082 - 07/06/2015. The "          " Show
Musical guest: Rikki Jean and the DWB

E083 - 07/13/2015. The "Killing Floor of the Red House" Show
Musical guest: 3AM Blues Band, Megan Hopkins Trio

E084 - 07/20/2015. The "Invisible Title" Show
Musical guest: iamlion, No Pit Cherries

E085 - 07/27/2015. The "Dudes In The Middle" Show
Musical guest: The Rainy Day Field Trip, Meghan Martin

E086 - 08/03/2015. The "Hairy Dodo Idiot Run" Show
Musical guest: Manners Please, Brittny Kazprzyk

E087 - 08/10/2015. The "Doctor Tolin" Is In
Musical guest: Hardees, Logan Dodd

E088 - 08/17/2015. The "Jess Or Not A Jess" Show
Musical guest: Byrd House Sound

E089 - 08/24/2015. The "Mono-nucleosis" SHow
Musical guest: Breakdown KIngs

E090 - 08/31/2015. The "Jeff Kelly Experience Featuring Jeff Kelly with Special Guest Jeff Kelly" Show
Musical guest: Prowlers and the Prey

E091 - 09/14/2015. The "We Don't Need No Stinking Titles" Show
Musical guest: Pillars, Coot Crabtree

E092 - 09/21/2015. The "Chi Chi Rodriguez Has Very Clean Balls" Show

Musical guest: James Kramer

E093 - 09/28/2015. The "Will Work For Captain Crunch" Show
Musical guest: Good Form Jack, Shiny Shiny Black

E094 - 10/05/2015. The "I Have A Bad Feeling About This" Show
Musical guest: Among The Compromised, Matthew Corken