Monday, February 20, 2017

Episode 150 w/Chad Lehr

02/20/2017. The "CL" Show
Musical guest: Chad Lehr

MP and Tolin continue their "Lost in Indy" tour with a stop at the fabulous Fountain Square Brewing Company, basking in the glow of their comfy couches and oversized coffee tables (or maybe they're beer tables). Patrick Roberts stopped by to talk about the just completed Veseria album, and music maven Mr. Waffles took the boys road trippin' from South Bend thru Muncie and on to Bloomington. Great music abounds in Indiana. It's beer-thirty for the Radio Hour.  

  • Letters From Earth, "Gravity"
  • Mint the Band, "Chemical Bath"
  • Whelmed, "Empty Vessel"
  • Shifty Digits, "Doughboy"
  • Antenna Man, "Guitarless Man"
  • Stampede String Band, "I'm All In"
  • Moxxie, "Carpe Diem"


Chad Lehr's songs are pieces of his psyche (and yours) stripped to the bone. It is impossible not to lean in closer when he sings, to want to wrap your arms around him. The way he chooses his phrases and envelops them in beautiful chord structures put him beyond the singer-songwriter cliches. His songs are about break-ups, death, and the lingering smells of a woman. Unique, unpredictable, and unforgettable. Click the album cover and check out his "Songs About Birds" ep on Bandcamp. 

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