Monday, February 27, 2017

Episode 151 w/COASTL

02/27/2017. The "Carnival Titanic" Show
Musical guest: COASTL

It's the last stop on the "Lost In Indy" tour as MP and Tolin check in to Sam Ash Music in Castleton. We had a nice chat with our new pals Tony and the other Tony from Failed Horror Show 4D, and were greatly entertained by musical guest COASTL. Will we or won't we? It's the question nobody wants the answer to on the Radio Hour. 

  • Rooms, "Awareness Prevention"
  • Veseria, "And Also"
  • Flying Underground, "Death of Stars"
  • Danni Al Mar, "E. Washington"
  • Tracksuit Lyfestile, "Golden King"
  • Molly Bancroft, "Don't Be Afraid"


COASTL doesn't play out nearly enough. The music is an infectious blend of first wave dance music and modern rave made by the daftest punks in town. It's the lcd soundtrack for the glow stick revolution and you should be a part of it. Buff, Chuck, and Breck are your tour guides through the corridors of modern synth-funk. Check them out on Spotify and watch their social media for forthcoming videos. 

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