Monday, January 23, 2017

Episode 148 w/Holy Mackenzie

01/23/2017. The "New Reality" Show
Musical guest: Holy Mackenzie

MP and Tolin do a little more road tripping this week and bring it all back home with new tracks from a couple of Indy's best songwriters. MP yells, Tolin mediates, and Grove Haus owner Carrie mourns her favorite Fountain Square watering hole. It's three chords and the alternative truth on this week's Radio Hour.

  • Danny and the Darleans, "I'm Right Here"
  • The Matt Truman Ego Trip, "I Don't Wanna Grow Up"
  • Sad Jock, "Zero"
  • Buffalo Rodeo, "Lana (Del Rey)"
  • Bill Shotton, "Give It Up"
  • Rooms, "Awareness Prevention"
  • Jay Elliott, "She's An Outlaw"
  • Crescent Ulmer, "Intact/Inhalf"


Holy MacKenzie fell out of the sky and into our podcast thanks to the keen eye of one of their fans. This is an incendiary four-piece band, with slashing atmospheric guitars and rolling drums and bass. Local bands Bearbones and Saint Aubin come to mind but that's a baseline, not a comparison. Holy Mackenzie lets their songs breath and bellow, reaching emotional highs and never coming down. Check out their 4-song volcano of a set on this weeks cast. 

Then, head to their Bandcamp page by clicking on the photo. 

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