Monday, January 30, 2017

Episode 149 w/Crescent Ulmer

01/30/2017. The "Mary Tolin Moore" Show
Musical guest: Crescent Ulmer

Will there be a civil war? Will it be fought over soup? And what kind of soup? Will there be an executive order about the soup? And what of hobos - those refugees of the rails? Will they have to go back to Hoboken where they came from? Will the Freemasons like the soup? Give a listen to this episode to get the answers to absolutely none of these questions. Plus some local revolution rock and another guest we just don't deserve to have. It's like last week never happened, on the Radio Hour. 

  • Veseria, "Let's Burn Some Bridges"
  • Hero Jr, "Anger Room"
  • Flying Underground, "Beat Girl"
  • Gay Black Republican, "Fear Is Control"
  • The Traveling Suitcase, "Vinyl Ain't Dead"
  • Shelby Country Sinners, "Fuck All Those Songs"
  • Tommy, "Hello"


Crescent Ulmer writes songs as if building a house of cards - with towering ambition and great care for the fragility of the human heart. Citing multiple genres within his songs, his approach is a reach across the cultural and musical aisle. He's become a quiet favorite within the Indy music scene, and everyone who sees him play can't wait until the next time. Have a listen to Crescent Ulmer's session for the Radio Hour, recorded at Square Cat VinylClick the album cover and check out the "Creature Comforts" album on Bandcamp. 

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