Monday, January 16, 2017

Episode 147 w/Modern Motion

01/16/2017. The "Tunnel at the End of the Light" Show
Musical guest: Modern Motion

As the nation rockets towards certain doom, MP and Tolin propel further into local music infamy and eventual oblivion. Luckily we have stellar local celebrities like photographer Tim McLaughlin (Hapless Guitar Photography) stopping by to talk about his new book, and our music scene sister and sometimes co-host Rachel Mare Jones enlightening us with tales from an open mic. It's countdown to DEFCON 3 on this week's Radio Hour. 

  • Air Ralley, "S.A.D."
  • Clint Breeze w/The Groove, "Razor Blades"
  • Big Money and the Spare Change, "Good Intentions"
  • Flying Underground, "Death Of Stars"
  • Danni Al Mar, "E. Washington"
  • summerbruise, "teeth (not the movie)"
  • Two Houses, "Labor Day"
  • Barley Pops, "Steve"
  • Indien, "Thick As Thieves"


Modern Motion is a New-Wave Indie-Rock Power-Trio in the most appropriate place to be a New-Wave Indie-Rock Power-Trio, Indianapolis. The music is fast, slow, loud, soft, and everything in-between, lost hopelessly and glassy-eyed in a night club. Shaken and stirred. In a blender. The next 80's New Romantic/Synth-Rock revival starts here. 

Click on the album cover for the MODERN MOTION website. 

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