Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Episode 146 w/Heartland Heretics

01/09/2017. The "Vazzini, Party of Two" Show
Musical guest: Heartland Heretics

MP and Tolin return after an extended and "decisive" winter break. They discuss the future of the show and contemplate a world without Radio Free Indy. It's back to basics for the Radio Hour. Rest in peace, Matt Phillippo.

  • Hex Mundi, "Shapes"
  • Moxxie, "Phantom"
  • Tommy, "Hello"
  • Carmichael, "Because I Said I Would"
  • tombaugh regio, "Medea, Argonaut"
  • Lilly Meister, "I'll Be There"
  • The October Scene, "The Lake Effect"
  • Bizarre Noir, "Freak Parade"
  • Sweet Reform, "Music Evolutions"


Indy's HEARTLAND HERETICS is one of our most exciting punk rock bands. Laus, Matt Corken, and Johnny Concannon are all charter members of TIED (formerly TIED TO TIGERS). This project gives them a louder, faster forum. HH is already working on a follow up to "Fighting The Good Fight", which was released in November 2016. Go see them live at the Melody Inn on January 15 with Orchard Keepers and Count Rockula.

Click on the album cover for the HEARTLAND HERETICS website.

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