Monday, March 20, 2017


Good Form Jack / No Coast / Lovely Houses

Edition 005 of the Grove Haus Sessions is all about bands we miss. They either broke up, took the dreaded "extended hiatus" or are ensconced in other projects - these are artists we somehow managed to harmonically converge with and capture a moment that may not happen again. Good Form Jack played a few gigs and made such an impression on the bands they were billed with that those bands told us "you gotta book these guys". They were one of the handful of bands we ever booked without really hearing them first. They didn't disappoint. A mix of the raw Lou Reed-Stooges-New York Dolls pre-punk sound with a Pink Floyd twist, Good Form Jack played one of our favorite sets from season 2. We still keep a light on for them in case Good Form re-forms. Kokomo's No Coast was one of the first bands to come across the DoitIndy music transom. MP interviewed them before the Radio Hour was a glint in Tolin's eye. They were a "bucket list" band for us and we caught them during their four-piece aggregation. It's a great speed-rock set from No Coast. Dave Campbell and MP played a few gigs together a million years ago and stayed in touch. When Dave, aka Lovely Houses, was preparing his one-man masterpiece "The Darkest Hue Is Blue...." he was kind enough to perform a pre-release set on the show. 

We hope to see and hear these artists again soon. 

*Live music is a great way to discover new bands, so if you like what you hear, let these artists hear you. Check out their social media and get out and see them.*

Good Form Jack: Recorded September 28, 2015
No Coast: Recorded February 16, 2015
Lovely Houses: Recorded August 14, 2014


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